Reading Response: 2, 3, & 4

Reading 2 & 3 were similar (though in their own respective views) in talking about the evolution of design overtime leading in today’s and future roles as a designer. Reading 2 “Towards Relational Design” talked more about the growth and in-depth changes of design in phases, but it shared with the “Participate” reading through the amateur/DIY/”prosumer” roles of “designers” today, which was one thing that resonated with me through the short readings because it was something I could relate to. With the wide-selection of tools and resources available today, gone are the past barriers to amateur creation, and everyone can be involved in design as well as the design process.

Reading 4 was my favorite reading out of the three. It concentrated on the importance of “relationship” between design. I remember during Jason Blackheart’s S&T, he talked about this and the importance in connection between the client and designer. We also reflected on this during 321, when working with real clients too. I also related to the author too in hating small talk, being one to keeps to myself often, but also wanting to improve my interactive skills with other people. The feeling of sincerity when working/talking to other people benefits both the speaker and listener.

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